Stock Units Available Now

Stock Units Available Now

Steelbro have a limited number of units available for immediate delivery.  Check out the list below or get in touch for details. Enquire Now

SB362 Goosneck

SB362 Steelbro Gooseneck Sidelifter – Cost effective transportation, loading and unloading of containers. Gooseneck trailer supports carrying of 20’ and 40’ HC containers in height restricted areas.

Stock Unit Product Features

  • SB362 36 Tonne lifting capacity
  • Gooseneck tunnel rigid 40ft chassis
  • Blue chassis, White cranes
  • Handles 20ft, 2 x 20ft, 40ft containers and double stacks
  • 4.05 m outreach handling awkward or misaligned containers with ease.
  • Fitted with Kubota engine power pack
  • Includes container detection and toolbox
  • Left hand lift
  • Control Plus monitoring and control module fitted
  • Lateral protection fitted
  • Delivery ex stock Turkey.

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SB450 rigid chassis – SB450RSH2040

Stock Unit SB9881 Product Features

  • 45 Tonne lifting capacity
  • Trailer is ex demo approx 5000kms, fitted cranes new
  • Heavy duty rigid 2040 chassis
  • Left hand lift
  • Grey chassis, grey cranes
  • Handles 20ft, 2 x 20ft, 40ft containers and double stacks
  • 3.9 m outreach handling awkward or misaligned containers with ease.
  • Fitted with Kubota engine power pack
  • York axles and suspension
  • ABS
  • Analogue control
  • Delivery ex stock China

For further details and pricing enquire now

IMG 20191016 180314 | Steelbro

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Steelbro’s Latest Malaysia Sidelifter Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Steelbro’s Latest Malaysia Sidelifter Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Steelbro is excited to introduce the SB362 sidelifter to the Malaysian market. This new model customised for Malaysia, gives transport operators a new option in sidelifter technology.

Operators wishing to transport and deliver lighter loads more economically may find this new model becomes their first choice. Simply put, the design seamlessly combines the very best of both worlds – low tare weight and proven strength and durability in one unit. Faced with two competing yet important design objectives, Steelbro set out to produce a sidelifter that met the optimum needs of low tare weight, while at the same time delivering proven strength and durability.

The SB362 has been tried and tested in New Zealand and Australia where it enjoys a strong presence in the commercial road transport market. For some years the SB362 has become a top selling product in those countries. Many operators approve of the technology and have been impressed by its performance, e.g. having the ability to lift up to a 36-tonne weight yet answering the payload challenge.

With a 36-tonne lifting capacity, the sidelifter is quick and stable and boasts an outreach of more than four metres to provide ease of operation. The SB362 is available with a separate power pack system with Kubota engine. This means that the sidelifter can operate with any truck without any specific hydraulic fittings, and gives more flexibility for operators with a fleet of trucks. In addition, this model will handle 20 ft containers, 40 ft containers as well as 2 x 20 ft containers side by side. It will also handle the double stacking of containers, an added feature when space is at a premium.

Although based on an existing successful design, the SB362 you’ll see in Malaysia has been carefully modified for the Malaysian market. Steelbro designers gave this customised unit a heavy-duty chassis to cater to the Malaysian environment and conditions. The design uses similar running gear to the already popular Steelbro model (SB450) for seamless integration with other units in the fleet. Sidelifters are also JPJ and Dosh compliant.

The New Malaysia model is not expected to replace the SB450 unit, but will offer an alternative choice, and in some cases supplement the existing fleet. According to Steelbro, operators are still expected to choose the SB450 when conditions are extreme and call for a more rugged sidelifter unit with a stronger lifting capacity. With the SB450, transfers of containers weighing up to 45 tonnes can be made easily within a safe working envelope.

Operators who include both models in their fleet will benefit from similar running gear on the chassis for ease of maintenance and spare parts. In addition, both the SB362 and the SB450 utilise the same controller, cable and remote which means that no additional operator training is required.

The Malaysian team is excited to launch this product into the country. Steelbro SE Asia Regional Manager, Andy Ersalle says, “Steelbro Malaysia strives to exceed the expectations of our customers as we now offer a range of options in the sidelifter product line i.e. units for both heavy duty use and regular use to meet customer demand. The new Steelbro SB362 sidelifter for regular use is being introduced at a competitive market price offering great value without compromising with quality. This long-awaited model to the market, for small and medium size industries is expected to deliver cost reduction savings for our customers as well as being capable of delivering a safe working load of up to 36 tonnes. It’s one of the best valued sidelifters in the industry designed with safety and stability in mind as well as offering a long service life.”

Steelbro will be at the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) in Kuala Lumpur from 20-22 June 2019 and the team looks forward to demonstrating the features of this new sidelifter.

First published in Asian Trucker Issue May/June 2019

IMG 1337 | Steelbro

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Steelbro Keeping a Keen Eye on Safety

Steelbro Keeping a Keen Eye on Safety

As more and more Malaysian operators place safety high on their priorities, Steelbro works hard to make their sidelifter one of the safest units on the market.

Designers at Steelbro are constantly improving their rugged SB450 sidelifter without compromising on ‘safety’ which continues to be their number one focus. Throughout the design process, a constant eye is kept on safety. Although the SB450 sidelifter was built to work under the most extreme of conditions, transfers of containers weighing up to 45 tonnes can still be made easily within a “safe” working envelope.

An emergency stop button is located on the remote control that will shut down the engine and stop all operations once the button is activated.

The sidelifter stabiliser legs are fitted with an interlock system that prevent lifts from being attempted without the stabiliser legs being deployed. A plunger switch is fitted to the stabiliser housing and is activated when the foot has positive downward pressure. Until that time, the lifting arms are disabled.

The hydraulic system is fitted with pilot operated over-centre valves on the crane arm cylinders. These are factory pre-set to cope with unforeseen shock loads or attempts to lift more than the crane’s maximum lifting capacity.

Special over-centre valves:

  • Prevent the arms from moving unless there is a pressure signal from the main hydraulic valve.
  • Help keep the movement of the load controlled and constant when being lowered, regardless of the pressure that may be in the cylinder.
  • Ensure that the cylinders are held in position, should the hydraulic system lose pressure. This stops the arms from dropping and prevents any run away of the load in the event of a hose failure.

The hydraulic system is also fitted with a High Speed/Load Sense Unloader Valve which limits working pressure when operating in high speed mode. This prevents the engine from overload.

The team at Steelbro has also developed a way of operating a sidelifter with safe and speedy precision. They found a way of achieving smoother, more stable container loading and unloading that gives more speed control, allows for higher speeds, and reduced stress fatigue on the crane arms. This is known as “Proportional Control”.

Using “Proportional Control”, loading a container onto a sidelifter is possible in less than five minutes. The Danfoss proportional controls built into each system provide for smooth control of the container load at all times, ensuring maximum safety and product reliability. The Steelbro sidelifter can be used to place a shipping container with precision anywhere a truck can access. Containers are handled with fine movements and with varying amounts of speed and can be positioned accurately, quickly, easily and – importantly – safely, irrespective of weight.

Support for the Proportional Control system is overwhelming. In Malaysia, operators at SMG Mega Sappire described the sidelifter “…as having more customer control than other units. They are more reliable and safer to load and unload heavy containers. They were found to be safer to operate with the joystick.”

Safety is key for a growing number of Malaysian operators. Mr Tee Wah Meng, Director of Viva Haulage Sdn Bhd says “The sidelifter has increased the speed of our operation and the volume of containers we can handle. Our operators at Viva have described the Steelbro units as convenient to use and safe to operate.”

Sidelifter operators at Nova Haulage are huge fans too. One operator described the Steelbro unit as “…very safe to work with. It has improved the way I do my work.” Another operator said “it’s the most reliable sidelifter to work with in any conditions.” According to Nova’s Mr Siva, “We have used competitor units – they are commercially more expensive and generally result in more downtime in operation due to their lightweight design and manufacture. We chose the Steelbro units based price, durability and safety and we like the double stacking feature. We consider Steelbro to be the pioneer in Malaysia.”

Manager of Klang based Troplast, Ms Lee says “The fleet of Steelbro sidelifters is crucial to the efficiency of our operation. The units have definitely helped our operation by increasing the number of containers we can move and safety is improved significantly… the company faces new growth challenges and will continue to strive to achieve quality services, whilst keeping safety as a top priority.”

When choosing Steelbro as the supplier, Ng Yau Hon, Operations Manager at Yal Bulk Packing Services SDN BHD, says “Choosing the right equipment is essential for our business. We looked at price, safety, durability and return on investment.”

First published in Asian Trucker Issue 46

SB450 Sidelifter side SMG Mega Sappire SDN Bhd Feb 2017 2 1 | Steelbro

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