Why Use Genuine Spare Parts?

Any trailer is a costly investment. More so sidelifters. Steelbro lets us know the crucial points about trailer maintenance and why original parts make a difference.

Importance of Purchasing Genuine Steelbro Spare Parts

All components in the sidelifter have been carefully designed and selected by the New Zealand based engineering team to optimise performance and integrity of the sidelifter. To ensure the smooth running and longetivity of your sidelifter Steelbro recommends conducting servicing to the recommended schedule by a Steelbro authorised service provider and only using genuine Steelbro spare parts. Steelbro Malaysia holds stocks of all commonly required parts to ensure downtime is minimised should a problem occur. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you with servicing your sidelifters and identifying any required parts.

Optimal sidelifter design calls for units to be manufactured from the best high strength quenched and tempered structural steel. Steelbro has utilised this type of steel for over 20 years. Quenched and tempered steel is substantially stronger than common mild steel. This means the amount of material in the cranes can be reduced which reduces the weight while still performing the same lifting operation. Less material in the manufacture of the crane means a lower tare weight for the sidelifter. This all impacts the load that the vehicle can legally carry as well as the how much the crane structure can lift. The tare weight is reduced without losing any lifting capacity.


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  1. Power Pack
    A separate Steelbro engineered power pack system with Kubota engine allows for independent operation of the sidelifter. This means that the sidelifter can operate with any truck without any specific hydraulic fittings, and give more flexibility for operators with a fleet of trucks. The independent Kubota engine significantly reduces running costs. It is more efficient with lower running costs when you compare it to other engines. Fuel consumption is just 9.5 litres per hour compared to 11.43 litres per hour for alternatives, making it cheaper to run and better for the environment as well. Steelbro stocks a full range of engine parts including filters and seals for servicing.
  2. Control valves
    The Danfoss advanced PVG proportional control valves are ideal for Steelbro machines and meet our requirements precisely. Using ‘Proportional Control’, loading of a container onto a sidelifter is possible in less than five minutes. The Steelbro design and Danfoss proportional controls built into each system provide for smooth control of the container load at all times, ensuring maximum safety and product reliability. Containers are handled with fine movements and with varying amounts of speed and can be positioned accurately, quickly, easily and safely, irrespective of weight.
  3. Lifting Chains
    A key factor for the sidelifter is that the lifting gear can safely lift and support a load of up to 45 tonnes. RUD lifting gear offers superior wear and resistance and maximum safety without compromising strength. Steelbro sidelifters are equipped with 16mm ICE chains as standard. These chains offer higher lifting capacity, despite being relatively small and light, with up to 60% higher working load limit than grade 80 chain.
  4. Remote
    The Steelbro sidelifter remote allows the operator to operate the sidelifter with precision and control. There are two options of remote. Firstly, a cable remote control which is both designed and manufactured by Steelbro. Alternatively, a radio remote control can be supplied. The radio remote is a Steelbro designed customized solution from HBC-radiomatic. Both remotes feature a separate joy stick for each crane to allow for smooth movements and exacting control on container placement. The radio remote allows freedom of movement for the operator without the restriction of an attached cable
  5. Hydraulic Cylinders
    The hydraulic cylinders that power the heavy lifting that the Steelbro sidelifters complete on a daily basis are an optimized design specifically for Steelbro. The cylinders are designed to meet international standards and utilize seal and components from internationally recognized suppliers. This ensures a ready supply of genuine parts around the world.

First published in Trailer Tech – Asian Trucker Malaysia Issue 41

General NewsWhy Use Genuine Spare Parts?