Heavy Lifting on the Spot

Waiting for lifting equipment is not only frustrating but could significantly hamper military operations. Australian logistics firm Steelbro (Hall 6, Stand CB390) prides itself on the success of its SB450 sidelifter, which operates independently to load containers from trucks.

According to Steelbro, the sidelifter, which is optimised for the military market, saves time and resources because military personnel need not wait for high-lift trucks and other heavy-duty lifting equipment, and it performs well in difficult and extreme conditions and on uneven terrain.

Designed to move modules varying in size from 20-48 feet in length and with a lifting capacity of up to 45 tonnes, the sidelifter’s ISO flat rack capability enables the transportation of heavy tank equipment, breakdown vehicles as well as for vehicle breakdown recovery.

For transport by air, the SB450 sidelifter’s arms can be folded down, or to the side, to lower the overall height. It has its own powerpack to allow it to operate independently of the truck, and it can be hooked up to another truck if the primary truck breaks down.

The SB362 variant has a 36-tonne lifting capacity to meet the needs of low tare weight, while delivering proven strength and durability.

A truck-mounted option is available when a rugged environment or windy roads call for a shorter unit able to turn more easily, which affords greater manoeuvrability in restricted inner-city environments.

The Australian Army ordered eight sidelifters and found them to be extremely versatile.

Not only could the army move containers onto trailers or transfer them when breakdowns occurred, but the sidelifters also stacked containers to reduce their footprint. An important advantage was the ability to cross bridges where large cranes could not proceed.

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