About our container trailer company

A dynamic company with a surprising heritage.

It’s amazing to think that a company at the leading edge of container transportation can trace its origins to the days of horse and cart. Formed in 1878, Steelbro was founded by two brothers who set out to produce innovative, high quality solutions for the burgeoning transport industry. We are immensely proud of their legacy, and their purpose still drives us today.

It’s just one of a number of benchmark products we’ve created over the years, made possible by our steadfast commitment to uncompromising quality, research and development, and customer satisfaction.

Uncompromising Quality

From design to production and delivery, our quality will never let you down. Created with robust materials and master workmanship, each product we make from our 12 tonne to our 45 tonne capacity Sidelifters, all components and accessories are optimised for long-lasting performance, safety and integrity.

Research and Development

We constantly review global transportation trends, looking for new solutions with open and curious minds. Our Christchurch research and design centre rivals the best anywhere in the world. Staffed by world-class engineers and equipped with the latest technology, we adapt quickly to industry changes and indeed, often lead the way.

Customer Satisfaction

Trusted by transportation operators around the world, our team bring a can-do attitude and pragmatic approach to helping our customers achieve business success. Our global partnerships with leading suppliers and manufacturers ensure availability, support and personalised service no matter what corner of the world you’re in.