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  • #Chainsling Ob/Lk c/w Shtnr 20mm SB450

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  • Anvil Bolt

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  • Chain 16mm Gr120 5 Links

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  • Chain 16mm Gr120 66 Links

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  • Circlip Extl M22

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  • Claw Shtnr 16mm Gr100 (VIP) VMVK-16

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  • Claw Shtnr 16mm Gr120 (ICE IMVK-16)

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  • Handle

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  • Joiner Cntnr Assy LW RUD

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  • Kit lug lifting RUD for 20mm chain LH replaces LF-25662

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  • Kit lug lifting RUD for 20mm chain RH replaces LF-25672

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  • Link Master Oblong Gr80 17t

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