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  • Alarm Reversing 12/24V 97DB

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  • Ball Steel Ø10

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  • Bellow 61 x 61 mm

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  • Connector Relay 4 & 5 Pin

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  • Coupling Sleeve

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  • Decal Authorised Oprtn DW

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  • Decal automatic diesel

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  • Decal Caution Pinch Point

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  • Decal Danger Zones Sidelifter EN

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  • Decal Danger Zones Sidelifter ML

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  • Decal Keep Hands Away

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  • Decal Manual Water Trap

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  • Decal Sling Here I.S.O.

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  • Decal Tank Hyd Oil Level DW

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  • Decal Trlr Cert

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  • Filter Cartridge High Pressure 8″ Long

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