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In traditional barge transport, complete truck and trailer units are shifted via barge. This means the load carrying capacity of the barge is greatly reduced, as each truck and trailer takes up valuable space and weight. Sidelifters give barge operators a significantly more efficient transport solution. Because the STEELBRO Sidelifter can unload its containers directly onto the barge, the load capacity of the barge is doubled, raising productivity and enabling more profitable outcomes.

  • Sidelifters can double stack containers onto the barge, enabling it to carry two full levels of containers.
  • Eliminates the weight of trailer and truck units, so more capacity can be dedicated to goods.
  • A Sidelifter can be transported with the barge for unloading and transfers to other transportation modes at the destination.
  • Commonly used in South America – and useful anywhere that barge transport forms part of the logistics chain.
  • Sidelifters can adapt to carry a range of containerised loads as well as fuel tanks and other hazardous goods.

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Hexagon reaches haulage ‘highs’ in East Malaysia

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