Spare Parts

One-stop shop for genuine Steelbro parts

A range of parts are available for current Steelbro product lines. Many of the common parts are stocked locally; other parts are shipped directly from our manufacturing locations. Damaged items are easily replaced – we make steel fabricated parts to order.

Spare parts kit 2 scaled | Steelbro

Spare Parts Kits

Available for all current models. Each kit has all the genuine high quality parts recommended for regular servicing

Shims – Wear pads – Filters – Seal Kits – Joystick

Actual inclusion vary depending on model

Electrical Kit website V2 scaled | Steelbro

Electrical Kit (analogue)

This electrical kit includes all elements required to renew the Sidelifter control system.
Parts may vary slightly to those pictured depending on Sidelifter model.
A = 1 x Cable remote control
B = 1 x Main control box
C = 2 x Crane junction box with work lamps (1 per crane) and stabiliser micro switches
D = 1 x Engine junction box
3 x Interconnecting looms (Not pictured)

Both Remotes white bg scaled | Steelbro

Remote Control

Items available include
Complete replacement, Joysticks,
Cable, Contact blocks, etc

Lifting lugs scaled | Steelbro

Lifting Accessories

Full range of lifting components and accessories including container joiners, chains, chain shorteners etc

Hydraulic components scaled | Steelbro

Hydraulic Components

Full range includes coils, valves and cylinders components

Component Picture 1920x768 1 scaled | Steelbro


Full range of components including capacitors, relays, fuse blades, lamps, sensors etc.

Crane assy scaled | Steelbro

Crane Assemblies

Full range of components for crane and stabliser componentsmodel

Taverse scaled | Steelbro

Traverse Components

This range includes energy chain, cylinder and rack and pinion components

kubota Engine option scaled | Steelbro

Power Pack

This range includes spare parts for Kubota engines, frame and tank assembly components.

Plate placement on sidelifter | Steelbro

When ordering spare parts please provide the serial number and if possible, a photograph of the required item. The serial number is a 6 digit number in format SBXXXX and is located on the plates found on the sidelifter. Plate positions are indicated in photo.

For a full list of available parts please contact us.

Spare Parts