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STEELBRO Sidelifters are famed for their versatility. Able to transport much more than just containers, Sidelifters are used across a broad range of industries and environments to transfer a wide variety of load types. Examples of diverse applications include the transportation of fuel tanks, portable buildings, mobile workshops, modified containers and more.

Whatever load you have in mind, Sidelifters can pick it up, shift it, and deposit it safely and efficiently without the need for additional handling equipment or personnel.

  • Sidelifter trailer loaders can handle up to 45 tonnes of cargo, making them ideal for heavy industrial use.
  • Safe and user-friendly, loads can be effectively transported and placed by a single driver/operator.
  • Sidelifters open up the potential for new and innovative containerised solutions. If you can imagine it, we can transport it.
  • Ideal for urban applications including house moving containers, construction loads and gas bottles.
  • Diverse Sidelifter uses have included the transport of bulk containers, excavators, army tanks, cars, circus tents, grandstands, building materials, disaster relief and more.

Case studies

Hexagon reaches haulage ‘highs’ in East Malaysia

Hexagon reaches haulage ‘highs’ in East Malaysia

Hexagon Highs is one of the East Malaysia’s leading logistics and freight companies. Situated in Sarawak’s capital, Kuching, this young organisation has expanded rapidly evolving into a fully integrated logistics service provider now using cutting-edge technology....

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