Emergency Response Applications

When disaster strikes, Sidelifters are on the ground to help. Ideal for quickly moving specialist containerised units, STEELBRO Sidelifters can go wherever they’re needed most. Thanks to their self-contained loading technology, Sidelifter trailer loaders can be deployed to remote areas or used in instances where infrastructure has been damaged. From natural disasters to accidents to planned relief programmes, Sidelifters play an essential role in emergency transport around the globe.

  • Ideal for firefighting and other services who need to move containers that are prepacked with essential equipment.
  • Sidelifters provide support for humanitarian relief and disaster recovery efforts, when goods need to be shifted as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Can provide back up support during accident rescue.
  • Following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, STEELBRO Sidelifters delivered water tanks to the inner city and suburbs.
  • Sidelifters were also used to create (and later remove) temporary container walls, to safeguard roads and houses from potential rock fall or landslides.

Case studies

  • Azevedo Transportes – Steelbro Built to Last
    4 Nov 2015

    Azevedo Transportes are a long standing Steelbro customer, one of the first customers in Brazil to see the benefits the Steelbro Sidelifter could bring to their business.