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, Top tips to improve your sidelifter operation
Expert Tips For Maintaining Your Sidelifter
15 Apr 2020
, Top tips to improve your sidelifter operation
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4 Jun 2020
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Top tips to improve your sidelifter operation

Use these top tips from Steelbro to improve your sidelifter operation.

5 Top tips for operators

#1 It is the companies responsibility to ensure all operators are fully trained in sidelifter operation
Always make sure that the person doing the lift is trained by a confident and experienced operator.  In our experience often damage occurs when the operator is inexperienced with very little or no training
#2 When conducting a lift a good distance between sidelifter & container is 300 - 400 mm
When lining up the sidelifter with the container a good gap distance, before starting the lift, is between 300mm and 400mm.  Make sure that the twistlocks are lined up with the end of the container before commencing lift
#3. When operating the sidelifter always stand at the rear on side of lift
Always stand at the rear of the trailer and on the side the lift so that you can see all four twistlocks that the container is being put onto. From this position you can also see the pressure gauge, usually located on top of the rear crane base
#4 Make sure the sidelifter hits pressure before doing any lifts
Before any lifts. Ensure sidelifter is operating at correct maximum operating pressure. Do this by dead heading an arm cylinder with stabilisers on the ground.
#5 Use both Joy sticks at the same time
Use both joysticks for more precision and load control. Using joysticks together and smoothly will help keep the load synchronised and stable for safe and secure operation



, Top tips to improve your sidelifter operation

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