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6 Oct 2017

Age Not an Issue: Steelbro Sidelifters Still Going Strong

Incredibly, after 29 years the 1988 MK4 sidelifter is still performing well in Chile. The unit is operating beyond its normal service life expectancy, according to Steelbro’s Facebook page.

27 Apr 2017

Steelbro Sidelifters Powered by the Best

Quality, durability and reliability are hallmarks of the Steelbro sidelifter brand. This would not be possible without the strong partnerships that Steelbro has developed. International diesel engine manufacturer Kubota is one of these partners.

15 Feb 2017

Setting the Benchmark for a Quality Backup Service

The Steelbro Malaysia operation is proud to celebrate twenty years since its official opening in Kuala Lumpur. I n 1996 Steelbro sidelifters were almost pouring into Malaysia. Customers across the country approved of the technology and appreciated the benefits of being able to load and unload their containers on the ground rather than on the back of a trailer. Transport operators enjoyed major efficiencies as well as safety benefits as there was no longer a need for forklifts to drive up ramps.

20 Jun 2016

Heavy Lifting on the Spot

Waiting for lifting equipment is not only frustrating but could significantly hamper military operations. Australian logistics firm Steelbro (Hall 6, Stand CB390) prides itself on the success of its SB450 sidelifter, which operates independently to load containers from trucks.