New Metro Sidelifter – Light and Quick

The latest release from the New Zealand based Engineers & Design team at Steelbro is the SB303 30T lifting capacity Sidelifter.  “Our research and insight programme identified a need for a fast, light Sidelifter for use within an urban environment to deliver and pick up both 20’ and 40’ containers.  To deliver this to the market the team designed the SB303. “ said Richard Brown Research and Development Manager

This inline crane design is light with tare weights starting from just 7T.  It provides the user with fast movement of containers from trailer to ground and ground to trailer with its ability to quickly deploy and stow stabilisers.

The key to increased speed is the new Steelbro HYDRAlift hydraulic system technology which is used on the SB303. This is a fundamental rethink of Sidelifter control combined with the latest in hydraulic piston pump technology and a new advanced proportional control valve.  It provides the Sidelifter with:

  • Excellent Machine Controllability:
    The multi-function operation via proportional joystick control and improved flow sharing technology enables precision control throughout the lift.  This functionality ensures containers can be delivered safely at speed.
  • Optimal System Efficiency
    Optimised horsepower utilisation enables the efficient use of engine power. Making it cost effective to run.
  • Enhanced Speed Control
    Intelligent use of available oil flow allows for better engine and pump utilisation.
  • Ease of Service
    The single central control valve halves the number of proportional valve sections per Sidelifter which minimising servicing costs.

Quality and reliability have not been compromised in the SB303 and customers can expect the same longevity of life they experience with all Steelbro Sidelifter models.

The SB303 has a large outreach of 3.64m and is optimised to perform pick up and delivery of containers from ground to trailer and trailer to ground only. It can lift both single rear 20’, 40’ and 2x20ft containers.

The SB303 is fitted with the enhanced SMARTlift II next generation of load monitoring system.  This is the latest evolution of Steelbro’s SMARTlift load monitoring system that has been continuously improved since its release in 2005.  SMARTlift II provides users with the additional benefits of a colour display with high resolution screen, clearer messaging, simpler diagnostics and maintenance as well as environmental protection.

The SB303 offers customers an efficient simple design Sidelifter with provides low operational and servicing costs making it a handy addition to any Sidelifter fleet.

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