Multimodal picks Steelbro for reliability, flexibility, and safety

Total Integrated Logistics Company, Multimodal Freight Sdn Bhd, is renowned for providing superior delivery service to all its customers. Hence, naturally it demands and expects the same level of commitment and quality service from its equipment vendors.

The wholly owned subsidiary of Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB), was established over thirty years ago, and has seen stable and consistent growth in its business over the years.

“We are very prudent in investing in any new capital investment and invest only when we have fully maximised our existing asset and there is a growth in demand to expand further” says En. Mohd Hasdey Yaakob Chief Executive Officer at Multimodal.

Expanding on its impressive fleet of 200 Prime Movers , 20 Sidelifter and more than 1000 semi skeletal and tipper trailers, Multimodal recently decided to partner with Steelbro taking delivery of two (2) new sidelifters.  This was part of a larger bulk order of sidelifters from the New Zealand manufacturer.

“When choosing the right type of equipment, price was not the sole consideration. Our focus was more on proven reliability, flexibility and safety features,” says En. Hamdan Ab Razak, Assistant General Manager.

“I believe the Steelbro name symbolises quality product and a well-known brand in the sidelifter market.  After detailed technical studies, we also found that Steelbro units have some unique and distinct characteristics.”

Multimodal Freight is one of the pioneer players in the haulage industry. In the early days, the company served as KTMB’s forwarding agent and other commercial customer. It then, later on was appointed as container railing depot operator throughout the Peninsular Railway Network.

During the 1990s, the company decided to enter the haulage industry to capitalise on the growing business of containerisation.

Today Multimodal is a successful integrated logistics company whose core logistics segments include freight forwarder, custom agent, trucking and haulage, global logistics/MTO licence holder and container depot operator for KTMB.

Although Multimodal recognised the benefits that sidelifters could bring to the business some years ago, their first sidelifters did not have the Steelbro badge.

En. Hamdan explains, “Our current fleet of sidelifters used Power Take off (PTO). The switch to Steelbro was because of its ability and flexibility to rotate the prime mover so as to optimise our fleet to the maximum.”

According to Steelbro, transport operators often choose the SB450 model, when conditions are extreme and call for a more rugged sidelifter unit with a stronger lifting capacity. This unit has a massive 45 tonne safe working load rating which allows the lifting and transport of very heavy containers in a safe manner.

“We believe the higher lifting capacity will feed well into our fleet of sidelifters to cater not only our existing customers but also attract new customer who have such requirement”, says En. Hamdan.

Aside from management decision to opt for Steelbro units, the current side lifter driver operator have also given positive feedback and excited and eager to try Steelbro sidelifter.

“Operators say they are very confident, handling the units, and appreciate the safety and durability benefits. The control unit, joystick and variable operating speeds give them more control.

“The Steelbro sidelifters also have better safety features during handling, regardless of the weight of the containers. They are also a safer choice when handling back to back containers (2x 20’).”

En. Hamdan says “The new units will handle general purpose containers (20’, 2x 20 and 40’) as well as tanktainers. Most of the sidelifter movement will be confined to short haul journeys, with some medium and long-haul trips on request.

Multimodal’s new sidelifters are supported by a special five-year repair and maintenance package. If sidelifters experience a breakdown, Steelbro will endeavour to minimise the down time for service and repair.

Steelbro Malaysia is committed to delivering great customer service and boasts some impressive experience and expertise among its members.

“The team understands that downtime needs to be kept to a minimum,” says Andy Ersalle, Steelbro’s Regional Manager, South East Asia. “We are committed to supporting customers and pride ourselves on producing quality, first class repairs in a quick turnaround time. Steelbro trained and experience personnel are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer genuine parts , service and mobile support exclusive for RNM customers ”

Mr Ersalle adds, “We thank Multimodal for investing with Steelbro and will do our best to ensure that these sidelifter deliver the great service quality, durability and safety that they can expect from a Steelbro product. We are confident that the new units will help add to their business efficiency and our hope is that we can continue to be a trusted partner.”

First published in Asian Trucker issue 56

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