Have you got an older Steelbro sidelifter?

Steelbro sidelifters are known for their reliable designs and long life providing a cost effective solution for customers. It is not unusual for a Steelbro sidelifter to still be going strong after 25 years (Read more…). To ensure you can optimise the life of your lifter Steelbro offer a range of services to provide back up and support over the entire lifetime of your sidelifter.

A quick visual inspection of your sidelifter to identify issues that need to be addressed. The report you receive will identify items that need to be addressed urgently and those we recommend you resolve within 12 months.

Regular servicing ensures smooth running of the sidelifter. A recommended service schedule is available from Steelbro. Steelbro and its distributors can undertake the recommended servicing for you.

When things go wrong we are here to help providing a full repair service or supplying the parts required for you to complete the job.

Spare parts
You can purchase genuine Steelbro spare parts from Steelbro or its distribution network. We have also created some kits for ease of ordering and to ensure you have the right parts for the job. These include

Product Expertise
Steelbro can provide support and advice on all Steelbro models through our product support team.

Contact the team to learn more about what is available in your region.

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General NewsHave you got an older Steelbro sidelifter?