Equipment ROI is key for young haulage company with mighty goals

Bold, ambitious targets call for a strong vision and focus.  CMT Logistics and Warehousing is not yet 10 years old, yet the one stop logistics provider has its sight set high, to be a market leader.

Thanks to CMT Managing Director, Alex Chua, and his strong team of logistic professionals, the company is on track to achieve its goals.

The Port Klang based company began in 2012 to offer Transportation, Forwarding, Warehousing, Customs Brokerage services and Project Logistics Management services to its customers. A separate Global Logistics arm was subsequently incorporated to focus on freight forwarding.

Recent times have seen the company enjoy significant growth. To help them serve the growing needs of its customers, CMT recently took delivery of an SB362 sidelifter from Steelbro, together with a new prime mover to complement its growing fleet.

Mr Chua is clear about what he wants from new fleet equipment.  Currently he operates an impressive fleet of 20 prime movers, 100 trailers, 5 sidelifters and 10 trucks.  For Mr Chua it largely comes down to Return on investment.

“Steelbro sidelifters have a very good market and resale value,” says Mr Chua. “Product longevity, the solid structure and design gives us confidence with the heavy lifting we need to do.”

“The engineering design, and build quality is second to none, and the reliability is extremely important.  It was clear that Steelbro was the logical choice when considering our investment decision,” adds Mr Chua.

Steelbro has experienced success with its SB362 sidelifter throughout Europe and Australasia, yet the model is relatively new to the Malaysian market.

Recently launched into Malaysia, it was carefully adapted for Malaysia conditions, and now gives Malaysian transport operators a new choice in sidelifter technology.  With its 36-tonne lifting capacity, this sidelifter is quick and stable with an outreach of more than four metres to provide ease of operation.

“We were quite impressed with the latest model”, says Mr Chua.  “The operators describe it as safe and easy to manoeuvre.  It helps to make their job much easier.”

CMT already has two of the tried, tested and popular SB450 units and so know what level of quality to expect from a Steelbro unit.  “All the Steelbro units are safe and reliable with great build quality,” says My Chua.

When Steelbro introduced the newer model to the country, it was not expected to replace the SB450, but to offer an alternative option.  In some cases, it would supplement haulage operator’s existing fleet, supporting operators such as CMT to cater to all requirements.

The existing SB450 units are ideal when conditions are extreme and call for a more rugged sidelifter unit with a stronger lifting capacity. According to Steelbro, The SB450 unit has a massive 45 tonne safe working load rating which safely allows the transport of very heavy containers.

Sidelifters at CMT together with other container haulage equipment enable the Company to offer door-to-port and port-to-door solutions for its Full Container Load (FCL) customers. Mr Chua says that the sidelifter movement is confined to short haul journeys and transfer operations and within the yard.  They handle general purpose containers (20’, 40’) as well as tanktainers.

“We run a 24-hour operation and our sidelifters operate throughout the night”, says Mr Chua. “With Steelbro, we have never worried about breakdowns or service failure because the machines seldom break down while performing a job.”

Regardless, CMT’s new sidelifter is supported by a maintenance package that provides some confidence in the event of a problem, says Steelbro.  It means that if units experience a breakdown, Steelbro will endeavour to minimise the down time for service and repair.

“We have always received the fastest service possible, and it helps that the local service operation is available until 11pm.  This helps to make our drivers to feel more comfortable,” adds Mr Chua.

“Steelbro have always looked after us and provided us with a quality product that hasn’t let us down.  That’s all you can ask for when investing in such capital equipment,” adds Mr Chua.

The team at Steelbro thank CMT for its commitment to Steelbro and investing in its equipment.

First published in Asian Trucker Issue 57

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General NewsEquipment ROI is key for young haulage company with mighty goals