Trombone Sidelifter Helps ATCO Aruba NV Enjoy Efficiencies

“This innovative equipment has increased our productivity and efficiency,” says Peter Jongmans, Managing Director, ATCO Aruba NV.

Seventeen miles off the northern coast of Venezuela in the southern part of the Caribbean is the small island of Aruba. With the population of a small provincial town and a land size of just 20 miles long by 6 miles wide, all manner of things still need to be lifted and transported between Oranjestad port and commercial and private locations. This includes simple container hauling as well as complicated and dangerous goods.

Container hauling and equipment rental company ATCO has been in the business of moving goods across the island since the first containers were brought to the island in the early 1970’s. By 1975 ATCO had grown into the largest transport company on the island and had expanded into equipment rental, specialised and heavy transport and of course container transport. At this time, ATCO saw an increased need for structured maintenance on their fleet and so set up a maintenance shop responsible for over 300 pieces of rolling and riding equipment.

As containerised transport solutions became more widespread, ATCO discovered how the Steelbro sidelifter could help them improve their productivity and make a real difference to their operation. Atco Aruba invested in their first sidelifter around ten years ago. “Soon after purchasing the first unit, we noticed the business necessity for a second unit and invested accordingly,” says Peter. “A year later, business required us to invest in a third sidelifter and this year we are expecting our fourth.

“Containers can be hauled quickly and economically,’’ says Peter, “All done using one piece of equipment. Otherwise at the client‘s premises, a crane would be required to load and unload containers of 20′ – 40′ and 45′ sizes. Our clients appreciate the equipment and the economical savings it has on their budget.

When asked about the competition, “Our preference is for Steelbro units,” says Peter, “which we have experienced to be strong and robust, the equipment can handle heavy containers easily.” Atco chose the sidelifter trombone function which is ideal for their country. Steelbro’s trombone option has been designed to ‘trombone in’, to provide a shorter wheelbase position, for handling 20’ containers, in tight space situations. “The trombone model can be used in very narrow spaces for loading and unloading containers. It’s ideal for narrow roads or difficult to negotiate areas, but with extra capacity for the larger containers when required.” says Peter.

“Communication with Steelbro and feedback is excellent. Whenever any technical question arises, we can rely on the team to help.” adds Peter. “We are very satisfied with Steelbro.”

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Trombone Sidelifter Helps ATCO Aruba NV Enjoy Efficiencies