Steelbro’s 20′ Sidelifter Handles Dangerous Goods

Steelbro developed its latest top lift frame sidelifter for a chemical company in Brazil.

When potentially hazardous cargos such as fuel and chemicals need to be transported, without doubt the safest sidelifters on the market are needed for loading and unloading.  Haulage companies are commissioning the most advanced equipment seen to date and coming to Steelbro for that solution.   The chemical company commissioned a 20’ sidelifter with a top lift frame (or spreader).

A sidelifter with a top lift frame is ideal when handling ISO tanks.  The top lift frame concept enables the lifting of containers that are stacked closely together, where the bottom pockets are not accessible.

The twist locks are activated remotely to lift the container using the top pockets.  This is a quick operation that one person can undertake.  All four twist locks are quickly locked together at the press of a button on the joystick.  Safety is improved especially for rail operations because the operator doesn’t have to climb over rail wagons to attach lifting chains.

This particular unit has been specifically designed for handling 20’ ISO containers, and the unit can handle the double stacking of containers which is an added benefit.

Other Top lift frames can have a rigid frame in either 20’, 30’ or 40’ fixed length configurations.  Alternatively, extendable top lift frames can extend from 20’ through to 40’ but may only be used with enclosed containers (not open containers or tanktainers).
This short 20’ sidelifter with spreader is ideal for chemical companies handling ISO tanks. The ISO tanks are not fully unloaded, or the contents used immediately.  Substances are used as needed for production.  The ISO containers can be safely kept double stacked in a small yard and be brought to the unloading point to remove a quantity when needed, then returned to the storage yard after use.  When empty, the Sidelifter is used to place the ISO tank on a trailer and returned to the port, or supplier.

Toplift Case study pic | Steelbro

Steelbro’s 20′ Sidelifter Handles Dangerous Goods