Steelbro Helping New Customer Viva Lift The Bar

Investing in transport equipment is a major financial commitment and such purchase decisions are never made lightly.
Viva Haulage made a commitment to join the list of Steelbro supporters for the first time this year. “Although Steelbro enjoys a strong presence in the commercial and road transport market in Malaysia, it’s still very important for Steelbro to build relationships,” says Steelbro Business development manager Paul Ravindar, “to understand how we can support customer’s business needs and keep gaining valuable feedback. We want to achieve a win-win for both the customer and Steelbro.”
Mr Tee Wah Meng, Director of Viva Haulage Sdn Bhd had a few simple objectives in mind when buying a sidelifter – to find a solution that would speed up his operation and to increase efficiencies.

Viva Haulage Sdn Bhd is in the business of haulage and transportation. Established in 2008, the company has specialised in container haulage for major forwarding agents and freight forwarders in Port Klang. Today the company has 30 vehicles in its fleet and employs 42 staff. “We consider ourselves small in size compared to other bigger haulage operators,” says Tee, “but we are very focused in what we do and we tie ourselves very well with strategic partners in the logistic business rather than cover the full logistics chain. This has enabled us to maintain significant growth in the past two years.”

“I am extremely pleased with my decision to get my first new Steelbro sidelifter, “Tee told Steelbro. Viva purchased the SB450 model and uses it to haul 20’and 40’containers on short journeys. With a robust construction, the SB450 sidelifter Steelbro helping new customer Viva lift the bar Investing in transport equipment is a major financial commitment and such purchase decisions are never made lightly. has been built to work under the most rugged and extreme of conditions. Its heavy lifting capacity means that transfers of 45 tonne containers are made easily within a safe working envelope. “Malaysia is a significant market for us, “says Paul, “and having a presence here in the country helps us to understand our customer’s requirements in order to provide the very best solutions.

A proportional control system allows the operator to position the stabiliser and the container with precision, minimising risk of damage to plant or equipment. This is invaluable in tight operational situations.

“It’s a great example of steelbro’s ability to adjust the product according to the customer’s expectations. Since the arrival of the first SB450 into Malaysia, interest in this model has been excellent,” says Ravindar. “The SB450 has been around for a few years now, and Malaysia has really embraced the product.” According to him, it’s a stronger, more powerful model and so less stress is placed on the unit, extending the life of the componentry and reducing the overall cost of life of the unit. He further assured the market that Steelbro will continue to invest in new technology to ensure that its portfolio of specialised transport equipment will keep audiences interested.

“The sidelifter has helped our operation and the way we do your business, “says Tee “It has increased the speed of our operation and the volume of containers we can handle. Now we can load heavy back to back containers more easily and we can make cost savings on our overall container handling. By double stacking containers, it saves space for us. The trailer to trailer transfers have meant that shunting has become easier. “Our operators at Viva have described the Steelbro units as ‘convenient to use and safe to operate'”.

Steelbro told us that the design process typically sees the engineering team begin with an existing model and decide what parts can be modified or strengthened to achieve a better performing product. Components are then redesigned as needed to get the design and manufacture right.

One example of such a design feature is the SB450 outreach of 3.9 metres which means that the unit can lift to its full hydraulic capacity at a further distance than earlier models, increasing stability and safety and speed of operation.

“Steelbro are pioneers in the market. We chose their sidelifters because they are known for their durability and safety. They also seemed to be more economical than alternatives. We also liked the toughness and the low line crane design.” Tee said that he was also pleased with the improved after sales support.

The focus for Steelbro will to continue delivering innovatively designed machines that set the benchmark in value for money, reliability and service for their customers in Malaysia. “We look forward to watching the progress at Viva as they continue to grow and would be privileged one day be considered as a long term partner with them” says Paul Ravindar.
First published in Asian Trucker Malaysia issue 31 – Market Update.

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Steelbro Helping New Customer Viva Lift The Bar