A Decade in Business Heralds Major Growth Success for Nova Haulage

Transport and logistics company Nova Haulage has grown at an astonishing rate since it started a decade ago. Mr Siva (Managing Director) reflects on the company’s growth. “Ten years ago we had 5 Prime movers and 25 trailers. Today we have a well-maintained fleet of 50 prime movers, 250 trailers, 5 tippers and 4 sidelifters with a staff of 18.”

“We’ve been growing our fleet to cope with the extraordinary changing needs in Malaysia’s Transport Industry and we took delivery of a further two SB450 sidelifters from Steelbro this year.”

According to Steelbro, the SB450 is a rugged sidelifter unit with a strong lifting capacity. Transfers of containers weighing up to 45 tonnes can be made easily within a safe working envelope. The SB450 was built to work under the most extreme of conditions. In Malaysia the environment and conditions call for a more rugged unit and the Steelbro SB450 is often considered the best possible unit for the job.

“When you’re trying to manage a well-maintained fleet of equipment,” says Mr Siva “it’s important to partner with the right supplier and organisation. Value for money is key and getting value from your equipment and getting the right capital equipment is crucial for long-term success. Decisions how to invest are never made lightly.”

“Steelbro helped that decision making process. They really played a part in our success by giving us a solid return on our investment. Other brands felt lightweight and not sufficiently robust for the job. We needed something reliable that would perform well. Now it gives peace of mind to know that we’ve made the right investment decision.”

Nova Haulage belongs to the Nova logistics group, a one-stop logistics provider based in the busy Klang area of Kuala Lumpur. The group provides custom brokerage and freight forwarding transportation services. It also offers 55,000 sq ft of warehousing as well as its successful haulage services. Having this one stop approach means they can provide the complete service and in doing so, achieve “all time satisfaction” to its customers. A programme of continuous improvement means it strives to constantly improve and upgrade its facilities, professionalism, communication and information technologies.

Aside from the sizable transportation fleet, the haulage operation also boasts a state-of-the-art computerised system for intelligent vehicle scheduling and tracking operations. Growth in cargo volumes, TEU container volumes together with increased port capacity have provided a growing need for this important service and helped fuel Nova Haulage success. The company now provides laden and empty container haulage services throughout West Malaysia.

According to Mr Siva, Steelbro sidelifters have changed the way their operation runs. “We currently run 9 sidelifters and use them to move 20ft and 40ft general purpose containers plus hi-cube and tanktainers. Sidelifters are mainly used for short journeys, (to both major Ports in Port Klang) or longer for some clients.”

“Sidelifters are operated quickly and safely, speeding up operations. Most of our containers are double stacked, and the sidelifters will help us achieve that. They are convenient to use, and versatile to manoeuvre,” he adds.

Steelbro sidelifters have been designed and crafted to outperform and outlast. Many operators across Malaysia turn to Steelbro because their equipment can stand up to some of the toughest of tasks.

The sidelifter operators at Nova Haulage are huge fans too. One operator described the Steelbro unit as “Heavy duty and very safe to work with. It has improved the way I do my work.” Another operator said it’s “the most reliable sidelifter to work with in any conditions.”

According to Mr Siva, “We chose the Steelbro units based on price, durability and safety and we like the double stacking feature. We consider Steelbro to be the pioneer in Malaysia and with better after sales.” When asked about the Steelbro after-sales service “We believe the current team is doing an excellent job and creating confidence. We’ve enjoyed fast service and repair work.”

Steelbro have also reached an important milestone this year, celebrating 140 years providing high quality transport solutions. Nova Haulage is still in its infancy by comparison, but will no doubt be looking ahead to the next ten years. Hopefully the transport sector will continue to expand so they can continue to capitalise on this growth and partner with loyal suppliers such as Steelbro with its heritage and tradition.

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First published in Asian Trucker Malaysia issue 43 – Trailer Tech.

General NewsA Decade in Business Heralds Major Growth Success for Nova Haulage