Hexagon reaches haulage ‘highs’ in East Malaysia

Hexagon Highs is one of the East Malaysia’s leading logistics and freight companies. Situated in Sarawak’s capital, Kuching, this young organisation has expanded rapidly evolving into a fully integrated logistics service provider now using cutting-edge technology.

2005 marked the start for Hexagon Highs as a trucking company, when it set out to provide transportation services to support its own sister company logistics needs. Within five years this fledgling trucking company evolved into a fully-fledged commercial haulier successfully delivering products across the huge territories of Sarawak and Sabah and to its neighbouring country, Brunei.

Fast forward ten years and the Company now has over 250 personnel, many of whom are drivers for its growing fleet of over 100 vehicles.

Among this equipment, Hexagon Highs owns a couple of trusty old Steelbro Mark 6 sidelifters. Understanding the unique benefits that sidelifters bring to a business, the team at Hexagon appreciated the benefits of being able to load and unload their containers on the ground rather than on the back of a trailer. These first two Mark 6 models were bought second hand and over the years have served the company well.

When Hexagon recently decided to beef up its operations and invest in more sidelifter equipment, they were keen to partner with the best possible supplier. The enduring quality and durability of these two older models, led Hexagon to confidently invest in five more Steelbro sidelifters to add to its growing fleet. According to Hexagon Highs “ Steelbro units provide better ROI than any other brands even after 20 years. Without having experienced any structural issues in the past, they are confident Steelbro sidelifters can go on for years with minimum downtime and this has been proven with their operation.”

They chose the SB450 sidelifter model which has been engineered for the Malaysian market. In Malaysia the environment and conditions call for a more rugged unit and the Steelbro SB450 is often considered the best possible unit for the job. It was designed for environments where conditions are extreme and call for a more rugged sidelifter unit with a stronger lifting capacity. Transfers of containers weighing up to 45 tonnes can be made easily within a safe working envelope.

Now the company is the biggest sidelifter user in Kuching, Sarawak and uses its sidelifters for trailer transfer and customer delivery.
The company proudly owns a Steelbro wrapped advert banner on one of their transport containers. They now confidently demonstrate their loyalty to Steelbro by operating this vehicle as it goes about its business throughout Sabah, Sarawak, and neighbouring country Brunei.

Having Brunei and the other neighbouring countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines near-by has proved to be of great strategic benefit to the company. Economic cooperation between these neighbouring countries, had spurred on trade across the borders and helped fuel growth in haulage/transportation for the organisation.

Its location is of even further significance following the recent ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI), introduced by China. Since Sarawak is in the direct trading sea-lanes linking China to India, Africa, Europe and the USA, this is enhancing economic cooperation and interdependence with the rest of world.

Hexagon has been quick to adopt new technology and innovation across every facet of their business. An Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system was built from scratch and now it includes a Logistics Management System, Warehouse Management System, Vehicle Portable Terminal System, GPS tracking & geo-fencing system, Fleet Management System, e-HR system and Billing & Accounting System.
Hexagon’s core business operation has been digitally transformed with real-time planning, implementation, automation, monitoring and reporting tools in web and mobile applications.

The company is accredited ISO-QMS9001:2015 certified, Halal Warehouse and Transport Certified, SEDEX certified, Custom Bonded Warehouse and ICC IMB-NVOCC.

Hexagon Highs is keeping up with the best industrial benchmarking and staying relevant to take on any opportunities in this dynamic logistic industry. It is well placed to face the next phase in what promises to be an exciting future of growth.

First published in Asian Trucker February 2020

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SB450 SidelifterHexagon reaches haulage ‘highs’ in East Malaysia