Freight Experts Expedite Turn to Steelbro

Freight companies like Expedite Freight forwarders know the importance of providing a reliable and efficient logistics support service. They have found a successful niche in the Industry, using their expertise and experience to plan and handle different types of cargo efficiently. Apart from having a skilled and dedicated team to help them achieve this, they rely on having the best equipment to do the job.

When looking for equipment, Expedite turned to trusted transport equipment specialist, Steelbro, for a sidelifter that met the mark. According to general manager of Expedite Freight Forwarders, Kevin Gan Sur Theng, the Steelbro sidelifter has helped them to accelerate the movement and flow of goods from the port to customer’s premises simply and efficiently.

The Port Klang based company was established in 1983. Guided by clear objectives and strong principles, Expedite has become a leading freight forwarder. “Ease of operation” and “a great back-up service” are two important requirements when looking for a sidelifter says Expedite. Freight experts Expedite turn to Steelbro for importers and exporters. Offering a one–stop logistics solution, the Company provides a complete and reliable forwarding, transport haulage, warehousing and shipping service available throughout the Malaysian peninsular.

Sidelifter Improves the Way We Work

Expedite acquired its first unit from Steelbro just four years ago. A relatively new advocate of the sidelifter, the company has seen the greater flexibility and operational benefits that the sidelifter can offer and it now has three units in operation.

“The sidelifters have improved the way we work,” says Mr Kevin Gan. “We use them for moving loads on short journeys from the port to Rawang, to Port Klang, or to Klang Valley. Loads include specialised or dangerous containers e.g. 20’ fuel tank containers; Also, 40’ flat rack containers for the transport of heavy oversized equipment.”

Staff who work with the sidelifters tell us “They are easy to use and easy to operate. It’s easy to offload and pick up a container. We can work quickly with these units, transferring containers from trailer to trailer or to the ground.”

“We are also impressed with the SB450 because of its heavy lifting capacity.” says Gan. “It’s an added benefit for freight operators such as ours. The Steelbro SB450 Sidelifter is a rugged self-loading trailer with a heavy lifting capacity. This model has been optimised to suit the Malaysian market with a safe working load rating of 45 tonnes allowing the transportation of very heavy containers.”

Good Back-up Service and Quick Access to Spare Parts

Expedite freight forwarders has had their sidelifters serviced at Steelbro’s Port Klang based full support service facility. Mr Kevin Gan was pleased with the experience and found that he was able to obtain spare parts promptly.

The service facility (apart from as a first stop for information) offers a 24 hour/7 day service and support facility with an expanding regional support network. Among the improved resource and capabilities being introduced are the comprehensive servicing and after sales support, mobile servicing and service plans tailored to suit individual customer’s needs. The company has a team of factory trained technicians on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Diagnostic testing is available as well as comprehensive parts availability.

First published in Asian Trucker Malaysia, August 2016

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Freight Experts Expedite Turn to Steelbro