Safe Efficient Waste Handling in Peru

Cilsa invested in a Steelbro SB450 sidelifter in 2013 to streamline and increase safety in handling waste by eliminating manual loading.

Cilsa is a waste management and recycling company specialising in recycling industrial oil. They carry hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste. The key to Cilsa is building a sustainable business both in economic and environmental terms.  The Steelbro sidelifter enables Cilsa to efficiently transport waste from customer premise to their treatment plants in a safe and efficient manner.

According to Cesar Lari Duncker, General Manager of Cilsa, the Steelbro SB450 sidelifter has allowed Cilsa to  “maximize daily shipments of containers, efficiently managing Cilsa’s valuable, fragile and dangerous cargoes safely.”
Cesar Lari Duncker added “The versatility of the sidelifter to double stack and complete trailer to trailer or trailer to train transfers and provision of assistance during accidents has proved invaluable to the Cilsa business.”

Clisa SB450 Case study Picture | Steelbro

SB450 SidelifterSafe Efficient Waste Handling in Peru