Steelbro Sidelifter Increases Productivity of Barge Operation

In the North of Brazil 1600kms of hydroway separate the main centres of Manus and Belém.  Barges take up to 5 days to transport goods between these two cities and the dozen or more smaller cities in between. It is in this environment that the Steelbro sidelifter has created efficiencies for client Majonav.  Majonav is the first company to fully operate a sidelifter to place and pick up containers from and to barges in the North Brazil.

Established in 1983 Majonav provides port operation, river and road transport logistics.  The company also offers new alternatives in services such as container handling and bulk storage.

Majonav were looking for a loading solution that maximized capacity and minimized the weight of the cargo.  Traditional methods such as reach stackers cannot be used due to the weight damaging both the surface and the bottom of the barges.  Majonav found a perfect solution by using Steelbro sidelifters, these can easily enter the barge, drop the container, or double stack it, and leave to do another job. Currently, the common way of loading containers on to a barge is using van trailers parked on the barges. However, this only allows a single level loading.  Utilizing the Steelbro SB450 sideloader allows the containers to be double stacked, doubling the volume of cargo. Loading  the containers only also reduces weight compared to the van trailers which include the extra weight of the chassis, suspension, wheels, tyres.

Majonav operate a line Belém / Barcarena / Belém every week, berthing in the port of Vila do Conde to meet the cabotage clients for import and export of container cargo in the metropolitan region of Belem.  According to Natanael Aires Logistics Director at Majonav “This is a pioneering operation in the state of Pará, Amazon region, using the Steelbro Sidelifter equipment on the barge. A champion operation where the company is investing high and truly believe it is the future of containers in the Amazon region.”

Majonav often also transport the sidelifter to the other end of the operation to perform extra work of handling containers in areas where limited infrastructure exists, efficiently delivering containers to customers.

Barge Case Study Picture | Steelbro

Steelbro Sidelifter Increases Productivity of Barge Operation