Aone Logistics is first to take delivery of Steelbro’s new model

In just a few short years, the Klang based haulage company, Aone Logistics has gone from strength to strength.

Still in its infancy, established in 2017, Aone Logistics is taking full advantage of the dramatic changes in Malaysia’s transport industry; the growth in cargo volumes; TEU container volumes and increased port capacity.

Today, impressively, Aone logistics has 28 trucks, 104 trailers and two sidelifters. This scale of equipment helps support the dramatic expansion of its trucking and haulage requirements.

It’s no surprise that such a young company is tasting success. Owner Mr Palani spent over twenty five years as a Haulage Vice President in an earlier role.

Over the years he observed how Steelbro became the pioneer sidelifter brand in Malaysia. “We still get to see sidelifter units from 1995 running in good condition on Malaysian roads,” says Mr Palani. “Steelbro units have always seen a great Return on Investment even after 10 years.”

In 2018 Aone Logistics bought its first Steelbro sidelifter, the SB450. According to Steelbro, transport operators often choose the SB450 model when conditions are extreme and call for a more rugged unit with a stronger lifting capacity. With the SB450, transfers of containers weighing up to 45 tonnes can be made easily within a safe working envelope.

When Steelbro launched is SB362 model earlier this year, Mr Palani was quick to show interest. Although new to the Malaysia market, the SB362 has been tried and tested in New Zealand and Australia where it enjoys a strong presence in the commercial road transport market. According to Steelbro, operators wishing to transport and deliver lighter loads more economically may find this new model becomes their first choice.

Based on an existing successful design, the SB362 unit has been modified for the Malaysian market. Steelbro designers gave the unit a heavy-duty chassis to cater to the Malaysian environment and conditions. The design uses similar running gear to the already popular Steelbro SB450 model for seamless integration with other units in the fleet.

For his next sidelifter purchase, Mr Palani was quick to see the benefits of Steelbro’s latest model and chose the new design. His latest investment was a reflection of the confidence he has in Steelbro and in their on-going commitment to quality, safety and performance. The new unit is not as heavy as the SB450, but ideal for lighter loads and with a longer outreach.

Performance, reliability and safety are some of the reasons why Steelbro was the first choice for Aone Logistics. “Steelbro is well known in Malaysia for its robust cranes and chassis and the importance it places on safety,” says Mr Palani. “The cost of parts is also important as well as excellent aftersales and knowing that the units have a good resale value. We have also been treated to the best of service.”

According to Mr Palani, his Steelbro sidelifters have completely influenced the way his operation runs. contributing to the growth of his operation, and helping him increase the volume of container deliveries.

“We currently use our two Steelbro sidelifters to move 20ft and 40ft general purpose containers plus tanktainers.

“We use them within the yard for staging, transfers from trailer to trailer, and for deliveries over short distance.

“Having these sidelifters have allowed our containers to be staged prior to the next day delivery.

“They also help to shorten the time it takes to return container containers.”

Equipment operators at Aone Logistics are also huge fans. Their driver/operators are more confident with the Steelbro sidelifter design when lifting two x 20ft containers, double stacking containers and carrying out other heavy operations. One operator suggesting “The quality can be seen from the design of the product.”

The new Malaysia model is not expected to replace the SB450 unit, but will offer an alternative choice, and in some cases supplement the existing fleet.

Operators who include both models in their fleet will benefit from similar running gear on the chassis for ease of maintenance and spare parts. Both the SB362 and the SB450 utilise the same controller, cable and remote which means that no additional operator training is required.

Mr Palani has also been impressed with the Malaysia based aftersales servicing operation. “We have enjoyed excellent service and given priority for repair and servicing. Servicing has always been extremely fast and efficient.”

Although still in its relative infancy, the haulage company says it plans to capitalise on the transport sector growth and hopes to continue its partnership with sidelifter pioneer Steelbro.

First published in Asian Trucker November 2019

Double Pic Aone SB362 Nov 2019 | Steelbro

Aone Logistics is first to take delivery of Steelbro’s new model