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20 Oct 2018

Business is Best Learned in the Real World, Not in the Classroom

A former lecturer, Steelbro’s Regional Manager for South East Asia, Andy Ersalle shares his experience and aspirations in the equipment industry.

14 Aug 2018

Steelbro’s SB450 on the Job

The Steelbro engineering team have invested a lot of design time to achieve the best possible geometry for the SB450 crane. The demanding requirements brought on by the various tasks a sidelifter must be capable of completing means that the position of the arm pivot points and the actual arm length had to be optimised to ensure all of the tasks could be completed.

14 Aug 2018

Why Use Genuine Spare Parts?

Any trailer is a costly investment. More so sidelifters. Steelbro lets us know the crucial points about trailer maintenance and why original parts make a difference.

9 Aug 2018

Moving Containers With the Greatest Finesse

When it comes to handling shipping containers using a sidelifter, the last thing you want is a bumpy ride.