Artha Logistics goes from Strength to Strength with the help of Steelbro Sidelifters

Ranked in the top 30 hauliers in the Port Klang, fast growing Artha Logistics Sdn Bhd has been recognized as one of the most successful total logistics companies in the region.

Established in 2008, Artha Logistics is headquartered in Port Klang, and operate through their own offices and a global services network across 52 locations. They provide a “one-stop-solution” with services ranging across multimodal routes including air, sea, rail and road transport as well as customs clearance, project logistics and warehouse services. Their commitment to customers has seen them become the preferred supplier to various companies.

In May 2011, to provide more comprehensive logistics solutions to their customers Artha Logistics formed a container haulage operation. Initially, it was to cater to existing customers, but the customer base quickly grew to include freight forwarders nationwide. The operation turned a profit within its first year of operation and continues to be a core contributor to the company’s growth rate to this day.

Artha’s comprehensive fleet of haulage trucks includes some 50 prime movers, 205 trailers, and Sidelifters, including 12 Steelbro Sidelifters.

The container haulage operation mainly uses the Sidelifters to perform short journeys carrying a variety of loads including 20’, 2×20’, 40’ containers., ISO Tank and flat racks

In the last three years Artha Logistics have purchased 6 Steelbro SB450 Sidelifters.  The SB450 Sidelifter ticked all the boxes; price, safety, longevity and stability. According to Mr.Viswanathan ”Steelbro units are worth every penny invested.  The 6 units we added in the last 3 years are a result of revenue earned from each of the Sidelifters”

The SB450 Sidelifter model was engineered by Steelbro to cope with environments where conditions are extreme and call for a highly durable Sidelifter unit with a strong lifting capacity. The environment and conditions in Malaysia sometimes require a more rugged unit such as the Steelbro SB450 which can handle transfers of containers weighing up to 45 tonnes easily within a safe working envelope.

For Mr.Viswanathan asset optimisation is key and the Steebro Sidelifters stand up to the task

“We at Artha always maximise our Sidelifter resources.  We operate 24/7 and Steelbro units keep us going for all types of projects.  Steelbro is like a bull.  Give the Sidelifter any job and it does it all”

Another drawcard for Artha was the versatility that the Steelbro units provide including trailer transfer and double stacking. All Steelbro Sidelifters can double stack both 20’ and 40’ containers. According to Mr.Viswanathan this has been a problem solver “Our space constraint issue was solved with Steelbro double stacking.” 

Artha Logistics have also used the Steelbro service centre based in Port Klang.  The handy located service centre provided “fast and efficient” service.

Artha Logistics strong growth was recognised in 2021 when they received the SME100 fast moving companies award from Business Media International.  For Artha Logistics this award was not only a recognition of their achievements, but it was a milestone in motivating the company to capture a greater share of the market to become a major player in the market.

According to Andy Ersalle, Steelbro Regional Manager SE. Asia “Steelbro is privileged to be part of Artha Logistics growth journey.”

First published in Asian Trucker Issue 64

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General NewsArtha Logistics goes from Strength to Strength with the help of Steelbro Sidelifters