• Boroko Motors
    Steelbro are easy to deal with, helpful and knowledgeable, and have assisted us in developing a new line of business opportunity. Boroko Motors would recommend Steelbro to any organisation that is looking for a value-added business solution.
    Boroko Motors
    Papua New Guinea
  • Express Freight Management
    We have been a supporter of Steelbro for many years, based on the strength of the product, its durability and its safety features.
    Express Freight Management
    Papua New Guinea
  • Ultramar
    Steelbro Sidelifters offer a high degree of flexibility in a region with little infrastructure and logistics support for the container. They have also shown great versatility, especially the Trombone, to access different places in Punta Arenas and the surrounding areas. This allowed us to make a significant difference in the market, being able to cover the entire chain of transport to and from the region.
  • Cargolive
    We found that the unit reduced operating times, and is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces like the pits where a conventional crane often has limitations of both space and weight.
  • Expedite
    The sidelifters have improved the way we work. Our staff who work with the sidelifters tell us: "They are easy to use and easy to operate. It's easy to offload and pick up a container. We can work quickly with these units, transferring containers from trailer to trailer or to the ground."

The Sidelifter advantage

Fast, efficient, versatile, safe. STEELBRO Sidelifter trailer loaders are your most cost-effective solution for ground transport container handling. Whether you operate a single vehicle, a complete fleet or an entire logistics company, Sidelifters boost productivity and reduce costs to give your organisation a clear competitive edge. The applications for this technology are limitless.

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Shift it smarter, faster and with greater control.

At STEELBRO, our mission is to revolutionise workload management in the transportation industry. Specialists in container trailer, container handling and transportation, we develop and manufacture innovative products that save operators time and money. With a deep commitment to service, satisfaction and manufacturing excellence, we are proud to supply STEELBRO Sidelifter solutions to customers around the world.

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