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, 45ft sidelifter extends possibilities for Teknik Tek Logistik
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3 Feb 2021
, 45ft sidelifter extends possibilities for Teknik Tek Logistik
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16 Apr 2021
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45ft sidelifter extends possibilities for Teknik Tek Logistik

A special event celebrated the launch and handover of Steelbro’s latest 45ft sidelifter to Port Klang based, Teknik Tek Logistik.

This extended version of the SB450 sidelifter, is the first of its kind to arrive in Malaysia. It represents an adaptation of a heavy-duty unit engineered for the Malaysian market and developed to safely transfer containers weighing up to 45 tonnes.

Whilst the typical sidelifter helps to load, transport and unload containers and other cargo, up to 40ft in length, this bigger unit will help the company meet greater cargo demands.

Teknik Tek handles the transportation component and offers a full range of solutions. It recently identified an opportunity to support customers operating 45ft containers, including high cube containers,  instead of the standard 40ft. Some clients find the extra 5ft plus extra lenght increases efficiencies, and allows different types of cargo, e.g. tall plant machinery.

The company already had an impressive fleet of 18 Prime movers and 80 trailers serving the full peninsular and 4 Steelbro sidelifters delivering within a peninsula, Malaysia. “The new addition to the fleet means we can now handle loads from 20ft, 40ft as well as 45ft including special cargo”, says Teknik Tek Logistik, Managing Director, David Lee.

“The new unit has already been put to work, handling trailer transfers for a special cargo project at South Port, Malaysia.”

David’s association with Steelbro goes back a long way.  “Starting from a second hand sidelifter that we purchased in the early days,  Steelbro quality and durability  has never failed our operations.”

“Being in the service industry, every service failure counts for a transporter. We have found these units have a robust chassis and hydraulics.  They are very reliable when required to work long hours.”

David adds, “Steelbro units have helped our operation.  They are quick and versatile to manoeuvre and very stable when transferring containers.  The operation is quicker and safer as a result and has boosted the volume of containers we can move.”

When choosing the latest unit, David based his purchase decision on safety. robust construction and economic parts.  He praised Steelbro’s aftersales service where spare parts are available round the clock.

According to Steelbro, many operators across Malaysia are choosing Steelbro sidelifters because their equipment can stand up to the toughest requirements.  Now there are units to cater to the longer containers and special cargo as well.

First published in Asian Trucker Issue 58

, 45ft sidelifter extends possibilities for Teknik Tek Logistik

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